The Norms of Desire

Leticia Sabsay
Publication date: 
December 2009
Publication type: 

Las normas del deseo: imaginario sexual y comunicacion (published in Spanish. Madrid, Cátedra).

What are the new sexual hierarchies that the media is producing nowadays? To what extent the media appeals to the democratization of sexual and gender norms, and to what extent it re-articulates heterocentric and sexist views? Taking as a point of departure a vexed public debate over the status of sex work and trans-communities rights that took place in Argentina at the turn of the 20th Century, this book explores how the media articulates a social imaginary that organises what could be sexually intelligible. Drawing upon feminist and queer cultural studies, theories of discourse and critical social theory, Leticia Sabsay offers a challenging reflection on the question of citizenship, the configuration of identities, and the contradictions of contemporary so-called advanced democracies, bringing into discussion key analytic problems for the study of political and cultural representation.

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