National Finitude and the Paranoid Style of the One

Andrea Mura
Publication date: 
April 2015
Publication type: 
Journal article

This article inquires into the clinical figure of paranoia and its constitutive role in the articulation of the nation-state discourse in Europe, uncovering a central tension between a principle of integrity and a dualist spatial configuration. A conceptual distinction between ‘border’ (finis) and ‘frontier’ (limes) will help to expose the political effects of such a tension, unveiling the way in which a solid and striated organisation of space has been mobilised in the topographic antagonism of the nation, sustaining the phantasm of a self-enclosed, self-sufficient finitude.

Andrea Mura (2015), ‘National Finitude and the Paranoid Style of the One’,  Contemporary Political Theory, advance online publication, 7 April 2015;   DOI:10.1057/cpt.2015.23

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