Multicultural Shakespeares: Italian and British TV series of the 9-11 slot

Alessandra Marino
Publication date: 
May 2012
Publication type: 
Journal article

The article analyzes two TV series created for public service broadcaster that openly refer to Shakespeare’s King Lear and Romeo and Juliet: Second Generation produced by Channel 4 (UK, 2003) and Butta la luna produced by Rai Uno (Italy, 2007). Although the series are different for length, genre and shooting technique, they both deal with the theme of multiculturalism and address to the wide audience of the early night slot. The article examines how TV series use the means of affective policy to either support the “happiness” promised by multiculturalism, like in the case of Italy, or indicate the failure of British multicultural society. Shakespeare is here considered as a plural entity, a brand renovated by the continuous production of goods falling under its name: TV series show that the postcolonial and culturalist critique, imprinting a track on the brand, have deeply modified the Bard’s figure.

Marino, Alessandra (2011) Multicultural Shakespeares: Italian and British TV series of the 9-11 slot . Anglistica, Issue 15 2.

For more information, please see Anglistica Journal website.

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