Judith Butler en disputa. Lecturas sobre la performatividad (Judith Butler in Dispute. Readings on Performativity)

Leticia Sabsay and Patricia Soley-Beltran
Publication date: 
May 2012
Publication type: 
Edited book

Patricia Soley Beltran & Leticia Sabsay (eds.). Judith Butler en disputa. Lecturas sobre la performatividad. Barcelona/Madrid: Egales, 237 pp.

Ten years after the translation into Spanish of Judith Butler's Gender Trouble (El género en disputa) Patrícia Soley-Beltran & Leticia Sabsay gather in Judith Butler en disputa. Lecturas sobre la performatividad (Editorial Egales, Barcelona, April 2012) six readings of Butler's work from the Spanish academic context. Beyond the reigning Butlerophobia or Butlerophilia, contributors Elvira Burgos Díaz, Jesús González Fisac, Pablo Pérez Navarro, Lídia Puigvert, Leticia Sabsay and Patrícia Soley-Beltran, cover a wide range of disciplines while sharing an approach from the standpoint of performativity. The book includes an interview with Judith Butler carried out by Soley and Sabsay.

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