The Routledge Handbook of Global Citizenship Studies

Engin Isin and Peter Nyers
Publication date: 
July 2014
Publication type: 
Edited book

Citizenship Studies is at a crucial moment of globalizing as a field. Professors Engin Isin and Peter Nyers are editing a Handbook that will take account of this moment and set a new agenda for the field. The Handbook will provide state-of-the art analyses of the practices and enactments of citizenship across broad continental regions (Africas, Americas, Asias, Europes) as well as deterritorialized forms of citizenship (Diasporicity, Indigeneity).

Chapters are arranged under the following parts:

  1. Approaching Citizenship
  2. Africas
  3. Americas
  4. Asias
  5. Europes
  6. Diasporicity
  7. Indigeneity

This book is available now. See publisher website for details.

Handbook of Global Citizenship - Form (Word document)76.5 KB

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