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Title Authors Publication date
Acts of Angry Writing. On Citizenship and Orientalism in Postcolonial India Alessandra Marino December 2015
The Ruse of Freedom: Ownership, Sexuality, Neoliberalism Leticia Sabsay December 2015
Citizenship after Orientalism. Transforming Political Theory Engin Isin (ed) September 2015
The Symbolic Scenarios of Islamism: A Study in Islamic Political Thought Andrea Mura September 2015
'Time After Time': Gay Conditionality, Colonial temporality, and Āzādī Tara Atluri June 2015
National Finitude and the Paranoid Style of the One Andrea Mura April 2015
Being Digital Citizens Isin, Engin and Ruppert, Evelyn April 2015
Lacan and Debt: The Discourse of the Capitalist in Times of Austerity Andrea Mura February 2015
When rights need to be (re)claimed: Austerity measures, neoliberal housing policies and anti-eviction activism in Spain Iker Barbero January 2015
Visiting gurus Aya Ikegame December 2014
'Time Gentlemen' Aya Ikegame December 2014
The Guru Aya Ikegame December 2014
Bus/bas/ बस-The Delhi gang rape, city buses, and the ghost of Rosa Parks Tara Atluri December 2014
What's in a name? Queer Politics and Cultural Translation Leticia Sabsay September 2014
Citizenship After Orientalism. An Unfinished Project Engin Isin (Ed) September 2014
Citizenship and orientalism: Strategies and technologies for the governance of migrations Iker Barbero August 2014
The Routledge Handbook of Global Citizenship Studies Engin Isin and Peter Nyers July 2014
Navigating Global Citizenship Studies Jack Harrington July 2014
Sexual Citizenship and Cultural Imperialism Leticia Sabsay July 2014
Contemporary history of alterity in Spanish immigration law Iker Barbero June 2014
Is Torture Part of Your Social Network? Tara Atluri April 2014
Orientalism and the Politics of Contemporary Art Exhibitions Alessandra Marino March 2014
The Inclusive Dynamics of Islamic Universalism: From the Vantage Point of Sayyid Qutb’s Critical Philosophy Andrea Mura January 2014
Islamism Revisited: A Lacanian Discourse Critique Andrea Mura January 2014
‘Where is the time to sleep?’ Orientalism and citizenship in Mahasweta Devi's writing Alessandra Marino January 2014
'Modernism and Indian Citizenship: Mahasweta Devi Rewrites the Political Subject' Alessandra Marino December 2013
'The Tomb of Orientalism? Europe after the Lure of the East' Alessandra Marino December 2013
The Young and the Restless. Gender, 'Youth', and the Delhi Gang Rape Case of 2012 Tara Atluri December 2013
'We, the Non-Europeans: Derrida with Said' Engin F Isin December 2013
Nationalism in colonised societies Aya Ikegame December 2013
Political Uncertainties. Performativity and Relationality Leticia Sabsay October 2013
Queer Dilemmas: Orientalism and Liberal Citizenships. Leticia Sabsay in Dialogue Leticia Sabsay September 2013
'Two Regimes of Rights?,' Engin F Isin July 2013
Queer Politics, Sexual Citizenship and Decolonisation Leticia Sabsay June 2013
'Questions of European Citizenship' Engin F Isin and Michael Saward May 2013
'Enacting European Citizenship' Engin F Isin and Michael Saward May 2013
'Claiming European Citizenship' Engin F Isin May 2013
Queering the politics of global sexual rights? Leticia Sabsay April 2013
Undoing Border Imperialism Tara Atluri April 2013
Cut 'N' Mix King Lear: Second Generation And Asian-British Identities Alessandra Marino April 2013
Citizenship in the Twilight Zone? Sex Work, the Regulation of Belonging and Sexual Democratization in Argentina Leticia Sabsay April 2013
Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture Alessandra Marino April 2013
Questioning Diversity: Sexual Politics, Identity and Liberal Individuals Leticia Sabsay February 2013
The Sinapeles movement as subject legality Iker Barbero January 2013
Convergent (il)liberalism in the Mediterranean? Some notes on Egyptian (post-)authoritarianism and Italian (post-)democracy Andrea Mura and Andrea Teti January 2013
Karnataka: Caste, Dominance and Social Change Aya Ikegame December 2012
The Symbolic Function of Transmodernity Andrea Mura October 2012
Citizens Without Frontiers Engin Isin October 2012
Expanding Acts of Citizenship: The Struggles of Sinpapeles Migrants Iker Barbero September 2012
Princely India Re-imagined: A Historical Anthropology of Mysore from 1799 to the present Aya Ikegame September 2012
Globalisation, State and citizenship. A socio-legal analysis of the Sinpapeles movement Iker Barbero September 2012
The Guru in South Asia: New Interdisciplinary Perspectives Aye Ikegame and Jacob Copeman June 2012
On some paradoxes of sexual citizenship Leticia Sabsay June 2012
Governing Guru: Hindu mathas in liberalising India Aya Ikegame June 2012
Multicultural Shakespeares: Italian and British TV series of the 9-11 slot Alessandra Marino May 2012
Shakespeare in India Alessandra Marino and Lidia Curti May 2012
Judith Butler en disputa. Lecturas sobre la performatividad (Judith Butler in Dispute. Readings on Performativity) Letitica Sabsay and Patricia Soley-Beltran May 2012
Guru logics Aya Ikegame (co-authored with Jacob Copeman) March 2012
¿Puede la Gobernanza de Las Migraciones Ser Social? (Can the Governance of Migrations be Social?) Iker Barbero February 2012
Los horizontes familiares y el paradigma liberal de la felicidad (Family Horizons and the Liberal Paradigm of Happiness) Leticia Sabsay December 2011
Responses to Muslim law in the UK Lisa Pilgram December 2011
Resistentes pero vulnerables: la travesía de los cuerpos en la obra de Judith Butler (Resistant and Vulnerable Bodies in Judith Butler's Work) Leticia Sabsay December 2011
Topological 'Border' Walls in Indian Visual Art Alessandra Marino November 2011
Ottoman waqfs as acts of citizenship Engin Isin November 2011
Book review: Fra-intendimenti by Kaha Mohamed Aden Alessandra Marino October 2011
Guru Governance: the political anthropology of religious leadership in South India Aya Ikegame October 2011
Sexual Borders. Urban Space, Bodies and Citizenship Leticia Sabsay July 2011
Invisible frontiers: The construction of irregularity through identity checks Iker Barbero June 2011
'Karnataka', 'Janata Dal (Secular)' (in Japanese) Aya Ikegame May 2011
The transformations of the State and the Law in the control of Immigration Iker Barbero March 2011
The limits of Democracy. Transgender sex work and citizenship Leticia Sabsay March 2011
No Women's Land. Re-imaging Border Spaces through Visual Arts Alessandra Marino February 2011
Sir John Malcolm and the Creation of British India Jack Harrington December 2010
The selective control of frontiers and its transnational resistences Iker Barbero July 2010
The Norms of Desire Leticia Sabsay December 2009
Space of Kinship, Space of Empire: marriage strategies amongst the Mysore royals in the 19th and 20th centuries Aya Ikegame September 2009
Citizenship after orientalism Engin Isin March 2005

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