Tara Atluri

Oecumene: Citizenship After Orientalism/Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

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Tara Atluri

Tara Atluri joins Oecumene: Citizenship After Orientalism as part of a project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Her current research examines gender and `citizenship' in contemporary India, and attempts to connect theoretical questions regarding Orientalism and the figure of "the citizen" to contemporary political struggles in the Indian subcontinent and transnationally.  Her work is supported by the rich scholarly resources and collegial support available at The Open University and through Oecumene.  

Tara Atluri holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Sociology.  She most recently taught in the Faculty of Liberal Studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto and in the School of Women’s Studies at York University, Toronto.  Recent publications can be found in: Continent, Frame: A journal of visual and material culture, The International Journal of Zizek Studies, the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies, and Media Culture and Society.  A book chapter regarding the murder of Reena Virk was recently published in Remembering Reena Virk: Critical Perspectives on a Canadian Murder, edited by Mythili Ravija and Sheila Bhatacharya.  She continues to be active in various artistic and activist initiatives, transnationally.

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Oecumene: Citizenship after Orientalism is funded by an European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant (Institutions, values, beliefs and behaviour ERC-AG-SH2).

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