Rada Ivekovic

Transeuropeennes; Reseau scientifique de recheche et de publication TERRA; College international de philosophie; University Paris-8, France

Advisory Board, Advisory Board member

Rada Ivekovic

Rada Iveković, philosopher, writer and feminist was born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, in 1945. She was Programme Director at the Collège international de philosophie, Paris (2004-2010) and teaches at the University of Saint-Etienne, France. She collaborates with Indian and other researchers. She taught at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Paris-8 (Vincennes à Saint Denis) and, previously, at the University of Zagreb, Yugoslavia. She received her PhD from Delhi University in the early seventies, on Buddhist studies. Rada is a member of the Scientific network for research and publication TERRA,  and of the International Journal for Critical Thought Transeuropéennes.

 Selected publications: La balcanizzazione della ragione, manifestolibri, Roma 1995; Le Sexe de la philosophie. Jean-François Lyotard et le féminin, L'Harmattan, Paris 1997; Autopsia dei Balcani. Saggio di psico-politica, Cortina, Milan 1999; Le sexe de la nation, Paris, Léo Scheer 2003; Dame Nation. Nation et différence des sexes, Ravenna, Longo 2003; Captive Gender. Ethnic Stereotypes & Cultural Boundaries, Delhi, Women Unlimited, 2005; with S. Bianchini, S. Chaturvedi, R. Samaddar, Partitions. Reshaping States and Minds, Routledge 2005; reprint Delhi 2007.

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