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Lisa Pilgram

Lisa Pilgram joined the Open University as Senior Project Manager of the Oecumene 'Citizenship after Orientalism' project in July 2010. In October 2010 she started her PhD which will be closely linked to the research agenda of the project and which will be supervised by Professor Engin Isin and Professor Michael Saward. The title of her proposed research is 'Muslim family law as a site citizenship'. Before joining the Oecumene project, Lisa worked at the University of Edinburgh as Research Fellow of the EUDO Citizenship project on access to citizenship in Europe. During her undergraduate studies in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (University of Vienna), she developed a strong interest in migration issues. She thus joined a post-graduate programme on Migration and Ethnic Minority Law (SOAS) where she focused her research on UK and European law on family reunification, migration and citizenship, as well as on legal issues affecting Muslim communities in Europe.

Oecumene: Citizenship after Orientalism is funded by an European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant (Institutions, values, beliefs and behaviour ERC-AG-SH2).

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