Laura van Waas

Tilburg Law School

Activist Network, Activist Consultant

Laura van Waas

Laura van Waas holds a Ph.D. in International Law from Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Her doctoral thesis, entitled “Nationality Matters – Statelessness under International Law” (Intersentia, 2008), is an in depth analysis of the international normative framework for the prevention of statelessness and the protection of stateless persons. Laura is currently engaged in the establishment of the Statelessness Programme: an initiative of Tilburg Law School, dedicated to research, training and outreach on statelessness that will be launched later in 2011. Before this, Laura most recently worked with the Regional Protection Hub for the Asia-Pacific of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on a project that looks at gaps and good practices in the field of statelessness in the ASEAN region. She has previously assisted UNHCR with a similar research and consultation process for the Middle East and North Africa, helped to compile a number of training materials on statelessness and worked directly with UNHCR Beirut to build capacity to address statelessness in Lebanon. She has also conducted research on behalf of Plan International on the link between irregular migration, birth registration and statelessness.

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