Enrica Rigo

University of Roma Tre

Fellows, Visiting Fellow

Enrica Rigo


Enrica Rigo is a senior researcher in Philosophy of Law in the Faculty of Law at the University of Roma Tre, where she coordinates the legal clinic on migration and citizenship Laboratorio di teoria e pratica dei diritti (project funded by the Open Society Justice Initiative). She also teaches the course ‘Theories of Human Rights’ in the Faculty of Political Science at the University Roma Tre and is a member of the organizing committee and lecturer on the Master Course in migration studies at the same university (Politiche dell’Incontro e Mediazione Culturale in Contesto Migratorio).

She earned a PhD in ‘Philosophy of Law, Social and Political Theory’ at the University of Naples, and was a former Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute. Her research themes include: citizenship, multiculturalism, European studies, human rights and theories of justice.

She is the author of several articles on migration and citizenship published in international journals and edited books as well as a monograph on European citizenship entitled Europa di confine. Trasformazioni della cittadinanza nell'Unione allargata (Rome, Meltemi 2007).



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