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Ashraf Milad

An asylum lawyer with both academic and professional experience in the field of human rights and refugees in particular. He received a Forced Migration and Refugee Studies Diploma from the American University in Cairo in 2005, an MA in Human Rights and Democratization from the University of Malta in 2006 and a Bachelor of Law from Cairo University in 1999. He has worked in the field of refugees since 2000, as a volunteer and then worked for the Refugee Legal Aid Project (under the umbrella of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights) until 2004, then started working as an asylum lawyer and consultant with several Egyptian and international NGOs doing both legal work and lecturing on refugees. He has participated in many activities internationally such as contributing to several international publications on Sudan and being a member of a Fact Finding Mission in the refugee camps of Darfurians in Chad in 2005. Worked at UNDP in Darfur as head of Rule of Law Unit for 14 months. Also, he worked as a Field Officer at UNHCR, Tindouf, Algeria.

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