Why an Oecumene website?

Sitting on a bench
By Engin Isin · 25 January 2011
Sitting on a bench

Another project. Another website. News is that we are running out of URL addresses to assign websites. I don’t know how many websites that means but it must be billions. Why add another?

In the age of Facebook and Twitter, websites now serve as though they are intranets rather than Internet portals. The aim to create a website for a project is less about broadcasting its results to the world and more about creating a hub, a virtual meeting place for those who are interested in this project and its intellectual, political and academic aims. We are hoping to sustain the interests of those for whom the aims of this project matters. If this helps us establish a network of scholars and activists interested in developing analytical concepts and methods for understanding political subjectivity around the world without dividing the world into inferior and superior geographies we will consider it a success. Recent events in the so-called Arab world (assuming that such a world exists as such) has been instructive: there has been so much orientalism on display by so many commentators that it illustrates the need for developing understanding of political subjectivities when they erupt. We hope that this website will become a hub for those who are dedicated to developing such understandings.

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