Teresa Pullano joins as Visiting Fellow

By Teresa Pullano · 20 February 2012

We are delighted to announce that Teresa Pullano (Sciences Po Paris/ULB Brussels) has joined the Oecumene research team at The Open University in Milton Keynes as a Visiting Fellow for the period of 3weeks from 6-27 February 2012. She is presenting her research to the Oecumene group and will work closely with the team to develop her research and opportunities for future collaboration.

Her research aims at understanding the 'internal others' of European citizenship, that is the radical difference and opening that is present within the Western idea and the practices of political subjectivity. She aims thus at pointing to the blind spot of citizenship such as it is defined by European and Western political theory and historical experiences. Moreover, she argues that the differences and the heterogeneous elements at the core of European citizenship are the key to the understanding of the present and of the future developments of both political subjectivity and political community in Europe. She identifies the issue of space and of territoriality as one of the main issues for thinking about the possible developments of political subjectivity beyond the paradigm of Western modernity, though in continuity with it. Space and territory point to the materiality of political subjectivity and to its heterogeneity, which are not reducible to the abstraction of the ideal-type of Western citizen as abstract and homogeneous.

In her own words, she explaines that 'in this respect, I believe that my research could fit in the Oecumene project in various respects. At first, I would be interested in working together on the issue of the recomposition of citizenship as political subjectivity beyond the mainstream, Weberian, narrative of Western citizenship. In a second place, I believe that the transformations that are happing at the core of Europe, such as the redefinition of statehood, nationality and political community, are to be analyzed together with transformations taking place outside Europe. This is because Europe is not a bounded space, but an overlapping of differential spaces and histories. In the third place, working on the heterogeneity of European citizenship both in time and space, I believe I could learn much from the broad comparisons that the Oecumene project is seeking to address. '

If you would like to read more about her research please visit Teresa's profile page.

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