Queering the politics of global sexual rights?

By Leticia Sabsay · 29 April 2013

Leticia Sabsay has published ‘Queering the politics of global sexual rights?', Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 13:1, pp. 80-90.  

The essay considers queer responses to the formation of sexual rights-bearing subjects, and critically analyses the notion of sexual rights on which contemporary international mainstream sexual politics is based. Through this analysis the essay argues that it is cultural translation that makes key alliances against both universalist and nationalist queer positions possible.

About the author

  • Leticia Sabsay

    Research Associate
    Leticia Sabsay
    The Open University
    Before joining the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Open University, I was a post-doctoral fellow at the Freie Universität, Berlin. I completed my PhD at the University of Valencia in 2009 and... Read more

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