openDemocracy front page 'Stories of revolution and rivers that run dry' by Deena Dajani

By Lisa Pilgram · 28 November 2012

Deena Dajani's piece on 'Stories of revolution and rivers that run dry' is featured on the front page of on 28 November 2012.

A brief abstract of the piece: "The author encounters a plethora of narrations that examine in the most beautifully chaotic of ways the reluctant hope and the lingering pain that sediment within the word, ‘revolution’."

It was, we were told, a sold out event. The date was September 15, 2012, the venue the Southbank Centre in London and the weather uncharacteristically sunny and warm. Over 18 months had passed since the story now known as the ‘Arab revolutions’ began to unfold in Tunisia, and the programme in my hands promised “a day of discussion, music, performance and exchange” titled The Arab Revolutions: What You Need To Know. The speakers were all young (a marked difference from the academic conferences I have become more accustomed to attending) and all excellent public speakers. They were all also involved in their people’s on-going revolutions....

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