Oecumene Dialogue September 2013

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Summary of items covered in this issue:

  1. Event: Citizenship, Narrative and Neo/colonial Histories
  2. Event: 'Citizenshp after Orientalism' - Final Conference
  3. Publication: 'Two Regimes of Rights?,' by Engin Isin
  4. News: Oecumene featured on OU Spotlight Programme - Part 3

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1.  Event: Citizenship, Narrative and Neo/colonial Histories

Organised jointly by the Postcolonial Literatures Research Group and the Oecumene: Citizenship after Orientalism Research Project at the Open University.

The symposium addresses narratives of citizenship as a political category in colonial and neo/colonial contexts. Citizenship has been a subject of renewed interest in the social sciences over the past two decades and has generated a proliferating body of theory which reflects on its political-historical genealogy, its emergence from a limited concept of membership to the nation-state, and its viability as a continually re-enacted political identity. In cultural history, literary criticism and postcolonial studies, however, the engagement with citizenship has been less immediate, as studies of the neo/colony have retained broader terms such as identity, ethnicity, subjectivity, nation and cosmopolitanism as favoured critical categories. This one-day symposium seeks to re-situate citizenship at the heart of current critical debates and asks how new ‘civic’ reading strategies might illuminate the politics of citizenship and its neo/colonial histories, especially where citizenship is the subject of literary and cultural narratives.

Keynote speakers: Javed Majeed (King's College London); Allison Drew (University of York).

Symposium venue: Open University, 1-11 Hawley Crescent, Camden Town, London NW1 8NP Directions and map: http://www3.open.ac.uk/contact/maps.aspx?contactid=1

To book one of the limited number of places please register for the event as soon as possible (and no later than Friday 15th November) by sending an email titled 'Citizenship narrative symposium' to oecumene-project@open.ac.uk.

For further information see http://www.oecumene.eu/events/citizenship-narrative-and-neocolonial-histories

2.  Event: 'Citizenshp after Orientalism' - Final Conference

Dates have been set for the Final Conference as 6th - 7th March 2014.  Please put these dates in your diaries.  More information will be sent out shortly.

3.  Publication: 'Two Regimes of Rights?,' by Engin Isin

'Two Regimes of Rights?,' in 'Citizenship and Security : The Constitution of Political Being,' ed. Xavier Guillaume and Jef Huysmans (London: Routledge, 2013), 53-74.

4. News: Oecumene featured on OU Spotlight Programme - Part 3

Engin Isin was interviewed by Lucian Hudson, Director of Communications at The Open University. In their conversation they talked about the Oecumene Project, and particularly about the trip the Oecumene team made in China in July 2013.

Engin here explains how this trip confirmed the need for challenging common approaches to citizenship, which is the core aim of the Oecumene project. It has also established long-lasting partnerships with Chinese counterparts.

This interview is part of a Spotlight series featuring the Oecumene Project. Please watch the two previous interviews with other members of the team:


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