Oecumene Dialogue September 2011

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Summary of items covered in this issue:

  1. Blog 'The clock ticks for Israel'
  2. New discussion topic on Western Balkan Integration
  3. Project flyer and poster online

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1. Blog 'The clock ticks for Israel'

'The clock ticks for Israel. Will the Israelis listen to it?'

By Dana Rubin

A week ago, I was breathlessly following news of the attack by hundreds of Egyptian people on the Israeli embassy in Cairo. This event - one of great popular rage - stemmed from both the long-term conflictual history of Egypt-Israel relations and short-term outrage over the killing of five Egyptian soldiers by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) a few weeks ago. What the Israeli embassy represents for the people of Tahrir Square lies beyond the recent killings of the soldiers, and even beyond the long, brutal occupation of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). Many now see Israel as a state that behaves according to a colonial and ethnically-driven model of the nation-state, relentlessly upholding a homogenous Jewishness as its defining element, in a rapidly changing world that requires new forms of diplomacy and adherence to international laws. The Israeli state treats any challenge to its model as an existential threat.


2. New discussion topic on Western Balkan Integration

By Tidita Fshazi, member of the Oecumene Activist Network

In these hard times for the European Union (EU) it is difficult to make the case for further enlargement. The Euro crisis has even led the founding countries to question the future of the EU project, at least in its current form. Most of the predictions seem pessimistic. However, if the Union survives the current crisis, it will be stronger for it - which is reason to rejoice! There is one thing we can expect with confidence: it will be a new Europe.


3. Project flyer and poster online

We are pleased to publish an online version of the Oecumene project's flyer and poster. These documents give a brief overview of the project team members and our core research programmes. You can download both flyer and poster from the Publications section on the website. Feel free to distribute them among your contacts.


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