Oecumene Dialogue November 2011

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Summary of items covered in this issue:

  1. Blog 'What is 'illegality'?'
  2. Publication 'Topological 'Border' Walls in Indian Visual Art'
  3. Event 'Citizenship and the new Orientalism'

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1. Blog 'What is 'illegality'?

'What is 'illegality'? A response to Iker Barbero'

By Stephan Scheel

With an estimated 1.9 to 3.8 million 'illegal' immigrants in the EU and continued evidence of official breaches of non-discrimination laws, it is reasonable to ask: What is 'illegality' in this context. I will answer by looking at the concept of 'illegality' from a historical perspective, as an actively produced condition and as a stake.


2. Publication 'Topological 'Border' Walls in Indian Visual Art'

By Alessandra Marino

Alessandra Marino publishes 'Topological 'Border' Walls in Indian Visual Art' in the online journal Roots-Routes, Research on Visual Cultures. Her article deals with art works performing the passage from line to zone, or reconfiguring the line as a relational network. She suggests that looking at borders as topological spaces can shed new light on art projects from India and Pakistan that do not address them only as signifiers of cut but as complex, networked structures. Referring in particular to the installations Untitled 2005-2006 and Here There is no Border (2005-2006) by Indian artist Shilpa Gupta, she explores how art can activate a process of change by operating through the linking quality of frontiers. The idea of network here stresses the relational ontology surfacing through the experience of art works.


3. Event 'Citizenship and the new Orientalism'

Iker Barbero is presenting his recent work on 'citizenship and the new orientalism' at the International Symposium on Justice, Migrations and Exiles, 12-14 December 2011 at CSIC Madrid. His presentation will take place as part of the cluster of human mobility and human rights.


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