Oecumene Dialogue May 2013

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Summary of items covered in this issue:

  1. Publication:Undoing Border Imperialism by Tara Atluri
  2. Event: Citizenship in the European Union: Twenty years after Maastricht, 27 June 2013, Budapest
  3. Blog: Human rights and citizenship in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Elena Cirkovic
  4. Blog: The China Chronicles - Day One: Arriving in Beijing by the Oecumene Team
  5. News: Oecumene featured on OU Spotlight Programme - Part 2


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1. Undoing Border Imperialism?

by Tara Atluri 

A book covering the theory and practice of No One Is Illegal, one of the most dynamic groups in North America. By reframing immigrant rights movements within a transnational analysis of capitalism, labor exploitation, settler-colonialism, state-building and racialized empire, this book provides the alternative conceptual frameworks of border imperialism and decolonization. Drawing on her own organizing experience, the author explores strategies to cultivate healthy and self-determined communities.

Contributors include Yogi Acharya, Carmen Aguirre, Tara Atluri, Annie Banks, Mel Bazil, Nazila Bettache, Adil Charkaoui, Yen Chu, Karen Cocq, Jessica Danforth, Ruby Smith Di´az, Nassim Elbardouh, Craig Fortier, Harjap Grewal, Mostafa Henaway, Freda Huson, Syed Khalid Hus- san, Jane Kirby, Aylwin Lo, Karla Lottini, Alex Mah, Robyn Maynard, Graciela Flores Mendez, Cecily Nicholson, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Toghestiy, Sozan Savehilaghi, Mac Scott, Lily Shinde, and Rafeef Ziadah.

Harsha Walia is a South Asian activist, writer, and popular educator rooted in migrant justice, Indigenous solidarity, Palestinian liberation, antiracist, feminist, anti-imperialist, and anticapitalist movements and communities for over a decade. She has most recently been affiliated with No One Is Illegal, South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy, Women’s Memorial March Committee for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Downtown Eastside Is Not for Developers Coalition, and the Olympic Resistance Network. 

For further information see: www.akpress.org/undoing-border-imperialism.html

2. Event: Citizenship in the European Union: Twenty years after Maastricht, 27 June 2013, Budapest

Engin Isin speaks on Panel 1 and chairs Panel 3 of this conference on 27 June 2013.

This conference contributes to the European Year of Citizens 2013 by stimulating debates about the promises and challenges of EU citizenship, notably in a Central and Eastern European context. It draws on a European Commission Policy Review that synthesizes major findings of research projects on citizenship practices and democracy in Europe financed by the Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities Programme under the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Innovation.

For further information please see: ec.europa.eu/research/social-sciences/events-241_en.html

 For programme please see: ec.europa.eu/research/social-sciences/pdf/european-year-of-citizens-2013_en.pdf

3.  Blog: Human rights and citizenship in Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Elena Cirkovic

In the 'Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals', Immanuel Kant writes: 'In the kingdom of ends everything has either a price or a dignity. What has a price can be replaced by something else as its equivalent; what on the other hand is raised above all price and therefore admits to no equivalent has a dignity.' [1] More than half a century after the adoption of the UNDHR, the characteristics of the bearer of 'universal' rights and dignity, still remain unclear.


4.  Blog: The China Chronicles

by the Oecumene Team

The Oecumene project is travelling in China between 2 June and 26 June 2013. Engin Isin is delivering lectures in Tsinghua (Beijing), Fudan (Shanghai), and Sun Yat-sen (Guangzhou) universities, and the Oecumene research group members are joining with seminars, workshops, and a conference. The research group is also engaged with a Sino-British research exchange programme supported by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (UK) and Ministry of Education (China) managed by British Council in China. The aim of the programme is to exchange ideas and methods with which to investigate contemporary citizenship struggles.

On the Oecumene website the team will share their impressions and reflections, the encounters that left imprints, on a daily basis during the journey.


5.  News: Oecumene featured on OU Spotlight Programme - Part 2

Tara Atluri, Alessandra Marino and Lisa Pilgram were interviewed by Lucian Hudson, Director of Communications at The Open University. In their conversation they talked about the Oecumene project, their own research and related activites and events.


This interview is part of the OU Spotlight series dedicated to Oecumene. A first interview was conducted with Jack Harrington and Zaki Nahaboo and can be watched here


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