Oecumene Dialogue May 2011

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Summary of items covered in this issue:

  1. Recent blogs by team members
  2. Dates set for the 1st Oecumene Symposium 2012
  3. Lead Activist Consultant appointed
  4. Oecumene on Facebook and Twitter
  5. Events

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1) Recent blogs by team members

Who is illegal?

By Iker Barbero

In the last years two photographers, Edu Leon and Olmo Calvo, have been developing a project called Fronteras invisibles or invisible borders. Despite increasing obstacles created by the police when taking pictures, this project is still active with the aim of exposing the reality of identity checks and police raids in Madrid (Spain).


Orientalism in Europe: From Delacroix to Kandinsky

By Alessandra Marino

With more than 150 paintings and sculptures, the Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung in Munich has just hosted one of the largest recent exhibitions on Orientalist art: 'Orientalism in Europe: From Delacroix to Kandinsky'. Almost at the same time, the Musée d'Orsay in Paris dedicated an entire show to the contested work of the Orientalist painter Jean-Léon Gérôme. One could affirm that an 'orientalist' wave in art is rising, revealing a renewed interest in the issue of East and West relations and their historical construction, which was probably enhanced by the Tate's 2008 'The Lure of the East: British Orientalist Painting.


The Census as a gatekeeper to political history

By Zaki Nahaboo

As millions will have filled in the indomitable lilac census questionnaire in the UK we should ask ourselves what 'tomorrow' are we helping to 'shape'? The primary use of the Census is stated as assisting various levels of government to provide key services. It will also undoubtedly be a goldmine for other quantitative researchers.


2) Dates set for the 1st Oecumene Symposium 2012

We set the dates for the 1st Oecumene Symposium from 6-11 February 2012. The 6-day event will take place at the Open University's Walton Hall Campus and will feature a 2-day conference, a PhD School and programme specific workshops. A call for papers will be circulated very soon via email and via the Oecumene website.


3) Lead Activist Consultant appointed

We are delighted to announce the most recent addition to our activist network. Cynthia Morel has been appointed as Lead Activist Consultant with Oecumene. Since May 2011, Cynthia has been working as an independent consultant, dedicating her attention to the Oecumene project, the implementation of the Endorois case, as well as serving as an advisory member to the International Committee of the Law Society of England and Wales.


4) Oecumene on Facebook and Twitter

You can now follow our activities, events and publications on Facebook or Twitter.

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5) Events

Acts of Citizenship across Cultures - 1 July 2011

Engin Isin will be speaking on 'Acts of Citizenship across Cultures' in the 5th Annual Conference of International Centre for Education for Democratic Citizenship (ICEDC) on 1 July. ICEDC is a joint centre of Birkbeck, University of London and Institute of Education, University of London. This year's theme is Citizenship, Society and Social Justice: new agendas?


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