Oecumene Dialogue June 2012

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Summary of items covered in this issue:

  1. Blog on 'Migrant Subjects - Citizenship, Law and Orientalism'
  2. Publication 'Judith Butler en disputa. Lecturas sobre la performatividad' by Leticia Sabsay
  3. News 'Alessandra Marino writes on 'Occupy Movement in India' on OpenLearn'

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1. Blog on 'Migrant Subjects - Citizenship, Law and Orientalism'

By Stephan Scheel

What are the connections between the make-up of contemporary border regimes, their justification through orientalising discourses and the potential of citizenship as a political resource in migrants’ struggles against disenfranchisement and selective exclusion? The workshop Migrant Subjects: Citizenship, Law and Orientalism provided room for an in-depth discussion of this vexed question. Five presentations explored these relationships, providing the basis for a lively and controversial discussion.


2. Publication 'Judith Butler en disputa. Lecturas sobre la performatividad' by Leticia Sabsay

Ten years after the translation into Spanish of Judith Butler's Gender Trouble (El género en disputa) Patrícia Soley-Beltran & Leticia Sabsay gather in Judith Butler en disputa. Lecturas sobre la performatividad [Judith Butler in Dispute. Readings on Performativity] (Editorial Egales, Barcelona, April 2012) six readings of Butler's work from the Spanish academic context.

Further two pieces by Leticia Sabsay have been published recently: A book chapter entitled 'Resistentes pero vulnerables: la travesía de los cuerpos en la obra de Judith Butler' [Resistant and Vulnerable Bodies in Judith Butler's Work] and a journal article on 'Los horizontes familiares y el paradigma liberal de la felicidad' [Family Horizons and the Liberal Paradigm of Happiness]. For more information please follow the links below.




4. News 'Alessandra Marino writes on 'Occupy Movement in India' on OpenLearn'

In 2011, thousands of people occupied city squares to protest against economic and social inequalities. Almost a month later, a plot of government-owned land was also occupied in Madhya Pradesh, India. Dr Alessandra Marino was there...

Read in full Alessandra Marino's article on 'Occupy Movement in India' featured on the OpenLearn platform.


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