Oecumene Dialogue August 2011

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Summary of items covered in this issue:

  1. Call for papers closes 12 September
  2. Blog on #Spanishrevolution
  3. Jack Harrington appointed as Publications and Publicity Manager

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1. Call for papers closes 12 September

We are holding an International Conference entitled 'Opening the Boundaries of Citizenship' on 6-7 February 2012 at Walton Hall. This conference is part of the Oecumene project's first Symposium 'Citizenship after Orientalism'.

The conference will explore what it means to open up the boundaries of citizenship. How can we give an account of other ways of being political? Which political practices have been rendered inarticulable as political by exclusionary ideas of citizenship? These questions seem most relevant today, in light of the contemporary re-articulation of orientalist and colonial projects, the increasing popular discontent towards renewed exclusionary logics, and the contested meanings of democratic politics across boundaries.

The call for papers will be closing soon on 12 September 2011. If you are interested in submitting an abstract, please go to the event section on our website for more information.


2. Blog on #Spanishrevolution

#Spanishrevolution: Real Democracy Now

By Iker Barbero

It may seem bizarre that from its beginnings in March 2011, 'Democracia Real Ya' (DRY) - 'Real Democracy Now' - could burst so dramatically into the public sphere with a series of demonstrations all across Spain. This has been particularly shocking in political and academic circles where the meaning of the concept of democracy is constantly being debated and revised. On the one hand, many movements, both on the left and the right, proclaim themselves to be the saviour of this errant society, acting in the name of a pure democracy. On the other hand, the simple act of requiring an immediate horizontalisation of politics could conflict with current deliberative processes and policy discussions.


3. Jack Harrington appointed as Publications and Publicity Manager

We are very pleased to announce that Jack Harrington has joined the Oecumene team as Publications and Publicity Manager. From 1 August 2011 he will be working on Oecumene's publications, publicity and our website. Before joining the team Jack has worked in policy communications and project management with the London Ambassadors 2012 volunteering programme, Volunteering England and the chartered accountants BDO. He is a trustee of the University of the Creative Arts' Student Union.
Jack is currently preparing a series of articles and a monograph on the political theorist and imperial administrator James Mill.

To read more visit Jack's profile on the Oecumene website.


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