ENACT project highlighted in EC Policy Review

By Radha Ray · 13 August 2013

The ENACT project is one of fifteen projects highlighted in the publication by European Commission
Co-creating European Union Citizenship – Policy Review, Luxembourg, 2013.

European Union citizenship was introduced 20 years ago with the entry into force of the Maastricht Treaty. To mark this anniversary, the EU designated 2013 'The European Year of Citizens'. The anniversary is encouraging intense reflection on the topic, with a new research-based policy review and a two-day conference in Hungary in late June. Co-organized by the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities unit of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, the conference featured distinguished scholars and policymakers from around Europe including Professor Engin Isin, PI of the ENACT project.

The ENACT project (Enacting European Citizenship) completed in 2011 investigated how citizens, third country nationals, refugees, illegal aliens and states enact claims to citizenship. Acts that articulate claims to citizenship (and produce claimants) create new sites of belonging and identification. These differ from traditional, and still important, sites of citizenship such as voting, social security, and military obligation. It expands the focus from what people say (opinions, perceptions, attitudes) to what people do - an important supplement, and sometimes a corrective, to a conventional focus on what people or authorities (EU as well as national courts, agencies, organisations) say about European citizenship and identification.

Enacting European Citizenship, edited by Engin Isin and Michael Saward and published by Cambridge University Press is now available. You can also visit the publisher's website.

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