Aya Ikegame in The Hindu

By Aya Ikegame · 18 April 2012

Aya Ikegame speaks to Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed from The Hindu on her research interests and her soon to be published book Princely India Re-imagined. She explains that her book 'challenges the idea that British colonialism destroyed princely states leaving them only with their pomp and splendour'.

The full article appeared on 14 April 2012 in print and online.

Princely India Re-imagined. A Historical Anthropology of Mysore from 1799 to the present by Aya Ikegame is to be published in August 2012 by Routledge.

About the author

  • Aya Ikegame

    Research Associate
    Aya Ikegame
    The Open University
    After completing her PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh in 2007 (a historical anthropological study of the South Indian kingdom of Mysore) Dr Aya Ikegame won an ESRC... Read more

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