Citizenship and new Orientalisms

Thursday, 12 April 2012 (All day)

Iker Barbero presents a paper 'Ciudadanía y nuevos orientalismos: La legitimación de los regímenes de inmigración' [Citizenship and new Orientalisms: Legitimizing border regimes] in the Seventh International Conference on Migrations in Spain which will take place  from the 11 to13 April 2012 in Bilbao. The paper will be delivered in the panel 5 'Socio cultural Diversity and integration' coordinated by Benjamín Tejerina (University of the Basque Country)  and Ignacio Irazuzta (University of the Basque Country). Following his current research, Iker Barbero's presentation will deal with the idea of  how European citizenship has become a set of orientations, discourses and practices that orientalise people in order to legitimise border regimes.

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