Citizenship after Orientalism: enacting Europe in times of crisis

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 (All day)
European Parliament (morning) and European Economic and Social Committee (afternoon), Brussels

2013 as the European Year of Citizens is a time to reflect on the current crisis and the future of European citizenship. The Oecumene team organised an event that responded to a double purpose. Divided in two sessions, the aim of the morning session was to hold a debate on how European citizenship is constructed, and how it can become genuinely open. The afternoon conference opened a dialogue between academics and activists on a wide range of issues, such as migration, security, feminism, democracy.

A wide range of speakers included:

  • Engin Isin, The Open University
  • Rosi Braidotti, Utrecht University
  • Rui Tavares, MEP

Please see the attached document for a full presentation of the event and the programme.

The event was organised by: Teresa Pullano, within the framework of the EUCITISPACE Marie Curie IEF Project, Iker Barbero, Jack Harrington, Niccolo Milanese of European Alternatives, and Amandine Scherrer.

Related video materials are available:

Morning session at the European Parliament:


Rosi Braidotti's presentation

Engin Isin's presentation

Rui Tavares' presentation


Afternoon session at the EESC


Interviews with Rosi Braidotti, Rui Tavares, Martin Wilhelm and Anais Faure-Atger


Please visit our playlist on our YouTube Channel.

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